Important Health Benefits of Agathi Grandiflora

Agathi grandiflora is also called as Sesbanian grandifolia. Sesbanian grandifolia is used for various medicinal uses like neurological disorders, digestive problem and respiratory system problem. Agathi grandiflora know as ‘Agathi keerai’ in tamil is also used for external body treatments.

Here some of the features and application of Sesbanian grandifolia leaves , roots, brat and flowers.

  • Powdered bark is applied in scabies ulceration of tongue and alimental canal.
  • Agathi red flower and its root paste are applied to painful swelling in body and also used for rheumatism
  • Agathi leaf juice extract is used for the treatment of epilepsy.
  • Leaf juice extract used for epilepsy, headache, fever due to indigestion.
  • Sesbanian grandifolia flowers can be used for many health issues like fever running nose stomach (abdominal) pain and liver disorders, eye diseases (night blindness) and headache treatment
  • Sesbanian grandifolia root, flower, leaves will help to improve memory power
  • Leaves of agastya plant is helpful for curing Hookworms infections.
  • Its root brat is used to reduce pain and inflammation in arthritis and gout.
  • Agastya roots and brat can be used for external application in body.
  • Agastya leaf paste is chewed to treat oral and throat infection.

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