Amazing Health Benefits of Myrobalan (kadukkai)

Scientific Name : Terminalia Chebula
Common Names : Kadukkai, Harada, Chebulic Myroblan, Harida, Haritaki , Harar

Myrobalan(kadukkai) Medicinal Benefits

Myrobalan is commonly known as Kadukkai & Haritaki in Tamil. It has many health benefits and used for several medicinal purpose.

Before using kadukkai(Myrobalan), remove the seed which is poisonous. Peel off the outer layer and grind them and make a power.

Medicinal Uses

  • Take 15 grams of kadukkai powder, 4 grams clove power and 100 ml water. Mix them well and boil it.Then Filter and add a teaspoon of ghee and drink them in morning regularly will help to reduce the body heat, purify the blood & regulate blood circulation and control the asthma.
  • By adding kadukkai(Myrobalan) powder with paste while brushing, it helps to avoid teeth related issues and makes your tooth stronger.
  • Add kadukkai powder with dried grape and make it into powder, Intaking 1 gram of mixed power regularly in the morning will cure bile vomiting, dizziness and bitterness.
  • Rub kadukkai by adding water and mix it with few drops of neem leaf juice in it and apply them on the wound that will help to heal the wound quickly.
  • Take same amount of kadukkai & basil leaves and half of the amount of phyllanthus niriuri, Grind them well. Now take 10 grams of grinded paste and add 1 teaspoon of curd and feed to the child for 3 days morning & evening, this will make them to stop eating sands.
  • Take equal quantity of kadukkai, nutmeg and dried ginger and grind them to make a powder. Add a teaspoon of milk and intake it for 48days in while going bed, this will cure men’s sterile problem.

Maintain your youthfulness

To stay young and maintain your youthfulness – Take rice water and soak kadukkai for 1 day and dry in the sun light for the whole day. Again 3rd day soak the kadukkai in lemon juice and let them dry in the next day. Heat the honey and add the dried kadukkai slice and keep it aside for 10days. Now intake a piece of kadukkai slice before going bed regularly.

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