Phyllanthus Niruri Medicinal Benefits

Phyllanthus Niruri naturally grow in coastal areas. This Plant is used for many medicinal aids.This herb mainly used to treat jaundice, anemia and kidney disease.

Name Phyllanthus Niruri
Tamil Keelanelli
Scientific Name Phyllanthus Niruri
Other Name Gale of the wind, Stonebreaker/Seed-under-leaf
Kingdom Plantae
Family Phyllanthaceae
Native/Origin Tropical regions

Phyllanthus Niruri Medicinal Benefits

To cure jaundice, anemia and kidney disease – Dry the Phyllanthus Niruri plant, grind them to powder, Mix 5 grams of Phyllanthus Niruri powder in milk and drink it.

To cure diabetes

  • Grind Phyllanthus Niruri leaves, mix 10 gram of grinded paste in milk and drink daily.
  • Drink milk by mixing 5 grams of Phyllanthus Niruri powder, helps to reduce your blood sugar level.

To cure eye diseases & infections

  • Take Sesame oil, add same amount of Phyllanthus Niruri of & Alternanthera sessilis extract(juice), heat until it blends well then apply in the scalp & take bath.

To cure skin diseases

  • Grind Phyllanthus Niruri leaves & salt together and use as body scrub.

Phyllanthus Niruri for hair

Grind same amount of dried Phyllanthus Niruri leaves and Viola Suffruticosa, taking 5 grams this powder for 45 days can reduce grey hairs (white hairs)

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