Health Benefits of Aloe vera

Name – Aloe vera
Scientific Name – Aloe vera
Kingdom – Plantae
Family – Asphodelaceae
Native/Origin – Arabian Peninsula

Aloe Vera Nutrition Facts

  • Aloe vera is a natural remedy for many ailments that we have. Aloe vera is the number one natural product used in various medicinal and cosmetic products worldwide. Aloe juice is used for skincare products because it can penetrate our skin four times faster than water.
  • Aloe vera is a vitamin C & B rich natural product.

How to intake Aloe vera

  • Remove the aloe vera skin by slicing it, wash it 7 -10 times and use for medicinal purpose.
  • Taking aloe vera with sugar daily in the morning will reduce the body heat.

Aloe vera Skin Care & Medicinal Benefits

  • To increase your hair growth – Mix Aloe vera with coconut oil or sesame oil, heat it until its blends well. Applying this oil daily in scalp will increase your hair growth.
  • To cure eye swelling – Wrap the aloe vera in soft cloth and apply it on the eye will help to cure your eye swelling.
  • To get glowing skin – Apply aloe vera juice before going to bed and wash it off with the warm water in morning will help to reduce the tans and get glowing skin naturally.
  • To get rid of skin allergies/ diseases – Grind the aloe vera with green turmeric, apply this paste in face, neck, hand and leg and wash it off with grinded fenugreek seeds mixture after 20 – 30 mins.
  • Aloe vera is used to reduce the wrinkle in your face and gives you fresh & glowing skin.
  • Heat the Aloe vera extract with castor oil, drinking this a teaspoon twice a day in morning and evening will help you to get glowing skin.
  • Taking aloe vera for 45 days can cure liver diseases.

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