Health benefits of Moringa

Name – Moringa
Scientific Name – Moringa oleifera / Moringa pterygosperma
Other Names – Drumstick tree
Kingdom – Plantae
Family – Moringaceae
Native / Origin – Tropical and Subtropical regions of South Asia
Moringa oleifera – Drumstick, Leaves, flower and seed are used for medicinal purposes.

Drumstick Leaves

  • Drumstick leaves contain an abundance of iron, which can cure anemia, used for breastfeeding secretion, also prevents skin infections.
  • Drumstick leaves paste helps to reduce swelling.
  • Mix drumstick leaves juice and pepper powder, applying it on the forehead gives good relief from headache.
  • Applying drumstick leaves juice drops in eyes will prevents from eye infections.
  • To get rid of pimples – Mix drumstick leaves juice and lemon juice, apply it on the pimples.
  • To Increase the libido – Fry Drumstick leaves with ghee and take for 48 days in the morning.
  • To reduce cough – Mix drumstick leave juice, lime, honey and apply it on the throat

Drumstick resin

  • Power the drumstick tree resin, mix the power in the milk with sugar candy – taking this will helps to improve libido


  • Intaking drumstick can help to strengthen the intestine and give good relief from flatulence. Add drumstick in sambar and mutton curry gives tasty and healthy food.

Drumstick flower

  • Grind the drumstick flower and mix in milk with malacca sugar (panakarkandu) and take twice a day in morning and evening will improve the memory power.
  • Cook sambar with drumstick flower – Drumstick flower helps to improve sperm deficiency.
  • It also provides good relief from eye Irritation and bitter mouth.

Drumstick seed

  • Drumstick seed contains antioxidant, Vitamin A, C, B Complex, Zinc.
  • Intaking Drumstick seeds will help to improve libido.
  • Drumstick seeds are used to make cooking oil.
  • To cure joint pain – Take same quantity of drumstick oil and groundnut oil, mix it and apply on joint pain.
  • To cure anaemia, strengthen your heart, nerves, bones and body – Dry the drumstick seeds and grind them to power, mix the power with milk and drink it.

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