Natural Medicine to cure Migraine : (Migraine Symptoms, treatment, and causes)

Migraine is a type of headache; the pain is often on one side of your head. It can be caused by hereditary, cold weather and eating habits. Women’s are suffering from migraine than men. 2% of the world’s population suffers from migraines.

Types of Migraine Headaches

  • Ophthalmoplegic Migraine
  • Hemiplegic Migraine
  • Facioplegic Migraine

Symptoms of migraine

  • Some people vomit when they get migraines.
  • Cramps, excessive fatigue, and loss of appetite.
  • Running Nose.
  • People with migraine are seen with greater stress.
  • People who start with mild headaches and continue to have severe headaches can persist for up to 72 hours.

Migraine headaches caused by

  • For some people it seems hereditary
  • Problems in the workplace
  • Women are more prone to migraines due to menopause
  • Excessive heat, excessive consumption of meat, yogurt, milk, chocolate and fish
  • Improper sleeping habit

Natural Medicine to cure Migraine

Take Sesame oil ¼ liter, Black Cumin powder 50-gram, Ghee, Lemon Juice 10 ml, Betel Extract 10 ml – mix all these ingredients, heat until it blends well and then filter it. Apply the filtered oil in scalp and take bath alternate days which will helps you to get rid of migraine.

Take 100 ml of Sesame oil, 5ml of Acalphaindica extract and heat it until its blend well, then filter it – Apply this oil two days once in scalp and take bath.

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