Solanum Trilobatum (thuthuvalai) Medicinal uses

Name – Solanum Trilobatum
Scientific Name – Solanum procumbens
Other Names – Solanum
Tamil Names – Tuduvalai, Nittidam, Sandunayattan, Surai
Kingdom – Plantae
Family – Solanaceae
Native/Origin – Arabian Peninsula

Solanum is a thorny, branched and climbing plant. Its flower, leaves, unripe fruit, stem, roots are all used for medicinal purposes.
It is a best organic medicine to cure infant cold & cough.
Note: Remove thorns before cooking as it is mildly Toxic

Solanum Trilobatum (Tuduvalai) Medicinal uses

  • To strength your body & To improve the memory – Fry Solanum Trilobatum leaves with ghee and intake.
  • To cure throat pain (sore throat), cold and cough – Take Solanum Trilobatum leaves extract, Heat the extracted juice with the ghee until it blends well, Take 5ml of prepared extract twice day in morning and evening.
  • To strength your heart – Dry Solanum Trilobatum unripe fruit, preserve in curd, fry it in oil and eat.
  • To get good relief from shortness of breath, tiredness, cold & cough – Add Solanum Trilobatum flower, leaves, unripe fruit, stem, roots 50 Grams each in ½ liter water, Boil the water until it becomes 100 ml, drink this boiled water twice a day in the morning and evening.
  • To get glowing skin & strength your body – Heat milk with 10 Solanum Trilobatum flowers and have it regularly.
  • To reduce pneumonia and typhoid – Take solanum trilobatum, solanum surattense, mollugo cerviana, evolvulus alsinoides 10 grams each and add in 1 liter of water, boil until it becomes 100 ml, drink 5 ml of the boiled water one hour once.

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