Cassia Auriculata Health Benefits

Cassia Auriculata is an evergreen branched shrub which grows in many parts of Asian countries. Its flower, leaves, unripe fruit, stem, roots are used for various medicinal purpose. It is one the best natural medication for diabetes.

Name Cassia Auriculata
Scientific Name Senna auriculata
Other Name Avaram, Avari Panchaga Choornam, Kalpa Herbal Tea, Ranawara, Senna auriculata, Tanner’s Cassia, Matura tea tree
Kingdom Plantae
Family Fabaceae

Cassia Auriculata (Avaram) Medicinal uses

  • Grind Cassia auriculata (Avaram) leaves, apply in the scalp & in hair and take bath will helps to reduce your body heat.
  • Cook Green Lentils with avaram flower, will cure bleeding with urine.
  • To get glowing skin and to cure skin diseases – Powder the avaram (Cassia Auriculata) flower and use as a face & body scrub.

Reduce Thirstiness, Body Irritability and Tiredness

Dry avaram (Cassia Auriculata) flower, unripe fruit, leaves and grind all together to make powder. Take 5 gram of this powder in the hot water and drink twice a day in the morning and evening will helps you to reduce thirstiness, body irritability and tiredness. It also gives good body strength.

To Control Diabetes

Dry Avaram (Cassia Auriculata) Flower, Leaf, Unripe Fruit, Root, Bark and grind them to powder. Take 10 grams of powder and mix with the hot water and drink twice a day in the morning and evening.

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