Health Benefits of Solanum Nigrum

Solanum Nigrum also called as pepper tomatoes. There are two types of Solanum nigrum which is in black and red. Its leaves, unripe fruit and fruit are all used for various medicinal purposes. It cures fever, congestion and cough.

Name Solanum nigrum
Scientific Name Solanum nigrum
Other Names Black nightshade, European black nightshade, Manathakkali, Sunberry, Wonder cherry
Kingdom Plantae
Family Solanaceae
Native Eurasia

Solanum nigrum (Manathakkali) Medicinal Benefits

  • To reduce body heat & cure strangury – Fry dried Solanum nigrum (Manathakkali) and eat regularly.
  • To cure sore mouth – Eat solanum nigrum leaves .
  • If your kids look thinner, feed them Solanum nigrum soup frequently.
  • Black nightshade (Manathakkali) leaves purifies blood and helps to increases the number of blood cells.
  • To cure ulcer – Prepare spicy & sour taste solanum nigrum soup and have twice in a week.
  • To relieve body fatigue and flatulence – Intake red solanum nigrum (Manathakkali).

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