To control the insulin level in blood

One of the most significant medical breakthroughs of the end of this century is the discovery of insulin’s role in health and disease. Insulin, sometimes referred to as the sugar-processing hormone, is critical for glucose metabolism, storage and maintenance.  When high insulin and blood sugar levels prevail, lipogenesis (fat production and storage) and triglyceride synthesis are also stimulated. To compound the problem, there is evidence that high insulin levels trigger the hypothalamus (the “master gland”) to send hunger signals. As a result, the insulin resistant person not only feels hungry more often, but produces and deposits fat more readily than healthy individuals.


  • Increase insulin level in blood
  • Genetic transmission
  • Improperly food method


  • Hungry more often
  • Frequently passing urine
  • Body weakness.


  • Avoid sweet foods, cool drinks, fast food, and oily items.
  • Take healthy foods (ragi, wheat instead for rice)
  • Do good exercises and meditation.


  1. Insulin plant leaves.

Natural Remedies:

Take 1 or 2 insulin plant leaves, clean and eat it in empty stomach at everyday morning.


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